Friday, 15 December, 2017

YouTube goes after child-exploiting channels and videos

Mars, Adidas and Lidl among brands that have pulled ads from YouTube in light of paedophilia fears YouTube Facing Advertiser Boycott Over Videos With Kids That Attracted Sexual Predators
Edmund Wade | 29 November, 2017, 00:51

It also "turned off comments on more than 625,000 videos targeted by child predators".

Marketers that have frozen spending on YouTube over the issue include Adidas, Deutsche Bank, HP, Mars, Diageo and Cadbury.

Currently, YouTube makes it easy for pedophiles to access inappropriate videos of underage children. Ads from Verizon, AT&T, and L'Oreal (among countless others) would appear right before extremist videos.

Now, in a mad-scramble to avoid yet another major advertiser fallout, YouTube has once again demonetized videos on its platform. That came after a report by the Times of London finding that their ads had run in videos of young girls that included a number of disturbing sexual comments by users.

Meanwhile, Google told Engadget it's not sure why YouTube's autocorrect system returned the aforementioned "profoundly disturbing" results; it removed them as soon as it was alerted to the problem. HP suspended all advertising worldwide on YouTube after learning that one of its ads was placed "in a awful and inappropriate context".

The odds are pretty good that you're content with the regular YouTube app, but YouTube Go is worth giving a second look.

This comes shortly after YouTube was found to be autofilling search results with pedophiliac terms; for example, when a user searched something like "how to", the autocomplete generator suggested "have s*x kids" and "have s*x with your kids". To have that equity destroyed or degraded by sub-optimum controls by any media vendor, ad-tech supplier or publisher is totally unacceptable to the ANA and its members. The company has expanded its enforcement guidelines for removing child-endangering content that features minors, even when that isn't the uploader's intent. YouTube said it would block predatory comment sections on videos of minors earlier this month, and said it would crack down on weird videos targeting children. Designed and developed with Indian users in mind, who will be able to test the app first before a broader rollout, YouTube Go is meant to work more effectively in areas where connectivity is more limited.


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