Sunday, 19 November, 2017

Target Refuses To Pull Fidget Spinners With High Lead Levels

Target website Target website
Juana Turner | 10 November, 2017, 00:37

The US Public Interest Research Group on Thursday released a report stating that Target stores are selling some fidget spinners with high levels of lead. CoPIRG says Target and Bulls i Toy defend their inaction by pointing to the Consumer Product Safety Commission's (CPSC) declaration that fidget spinners are NOT technically "children's products" subject to legal limits for lead.

However, the Fidget Wild Premium spinner being sold contains 33,000 parts per million. The center circle of the "Fidget Wild Premium Spinner Metal" was tested for 1,300 ppm of lead and the arm tested for 520 ppm of lead.

The research revealed some of the spinners could contain as much as 300 times the federal limit for lead in children's products. A CBS News report details results from a consumer advocacy group who tested the devices (after catching wind of a potential issue from the Lead Safe Mama Facebook page). However and since the CPSC's lead-restriction guidelines differ between items marketed to adults and those targeted at children under 12, Target says its in the clear to keep selling these models.

Fidget spinners have been marketed as a therapeutic tool to help stop "fidgeting" and maintain focus; they have even been banned in some schools because they have become a distraction in classrooms. "Saying fidget spinners aren't toys defies common sense, as millions of parents whose kids play with spinners can tell you".

High levels of lead can affect multiple systems in the body and is especially harmful to young children, according to the World Health Organization. "All of our product are tested and comply with [Consumer Product Safety Commission] safety standards". The Fidget Wild Spinner Premium Brass is also being sold on Target's website.

"The two fidget spinners cited in your letter are clearly marked on the package 'appropriate for customers 14 and older, ' and are not marketed to children", Target's Jennifer Silberman wrote to the researchers in an email shared with Business Insider. A spokeswoman for the CPSC said she could not comment specifically on the products being sold by Target.


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