Sunday, 19 November, 2017

Clemson continues to excel in NCAA Graduation Success rate

Marshall Athletics Marshall Athletics
Spencer Simpson | 10 November, 2017, 00:56

Auburn Athletics posted its highest Graduation Success Rate (GSR) in program history with an 82 percent.

Up from last year's 61 percent, Baylor also improved its federal graduation rate to 66 percent for all student-athletes in the most recent study to tie for second among Big 12 institutions behind TCU (69) and Texas (69). The NCAA began gathering GSR data with the freshman class of 1995 and its latest release represents freshmen who enrolled in 2010. The University of Arkansas has steadily improved its GSR rate since the measurement was implemented 13 years ago rising from an initial rate of 60 percent to 80 percent in the numbers released on Wednesday. "By producing market-ready graduates at a record pace, we will continue to differentiate ourselves by the success of our former student-athletes five and 10 years after graduation and beyond".

"Graduating our student-athletes is the most important thing we do at Auburn University", Director of Athletics Jay Jacobs said.

The Rutgers football program has earned a GSR score of 81 percent-or-better in each of the past nine years. Thus, those in the 2007 freshman class would have earned a degree by 2013; those in the 2008 class by 2014, those in the 2009 class by 2015, and those in the 2010 class by 2016.

"This is another strong showing from Ohio State's student-athletes", John Davidson, Ohio State Faculty Athletic Representative and Professor in Germanic Languages and Literatures, said. The Academic Progress Rate (APR) is released each spring and focuses on athletes' eligibility during four-year and single-year periods. In all, 14 of the 17 sports programs at Tech recorded GSR's above the national average. Five programs - men's cross country/track and field, women's cross country/track and field, golf, women's tennis and volleyball - own flawless 100-percent GSRs.

The GSR accounts for students who transfer into an institution, including midyear enrollees, and does not penalize schools for outgoing transfer students who leave in good academic standing.

In addition to the five teams that garnered flawless GSR scores, eight programs posted scores of 90 percent or better including women's cross country and track & field (91 percent), women's ice hockey (93 percent), women's lacrosse (96 percent), women's soccer (92 percent), softball (94 percent), women's swimming (95 percent), baseball (95 percent), and men's ice hockey (90 percent).


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