Saturday, 18 November, 2017

Year Old Cancer Patient Wants To Celebrate Last Christmas

9-Year-Old Cancer Patient Asks for Cards to Celebrate This Young Cancer Patient Wants Everyone To Help Him Celebrate His Last Christmas
Juana Turner | 06 November, 2017, 02:15

On Oct. 11, he was admitted to Barbara Bush Children's Hospital in Portland, Maine, for the "last time", his parents wrote on a GoFundMe page created to help cover the costs of his funeral.

A boy and his family are wishing for cards from people around the world in honor of his favorite holiday of Christmas.

How cute is that young man?!

At the point when specialists told his mom he had a month to live, Jacob's family started requesting that individuals on Facebook send him cards so he can commend his last Christmas early.

Jacob's family and friends will continue to pray for his health; that he would have relief from his pain, and that the disease that has ailed him since he was five years old could be healed.

Jacob's dad, Roger Guay, said, "He smiles and does his nose scrunch it brightens his day - just by opening a card, it's wonderful".

His room will be decorated with a tree and lights. Santa Claus himself will also make an appearance. Word has it the big man will make a trip from the North Pole just to visit Jacob and some of the other kids at the hospital!

Jacob, like most children, loves Christmas.

Jacob's cancer has spread to various parts of his body and he's mostly bedridden, but that hasn't stopped the Christmas festivities from unfolding.

"With each card, message and video, we know people are sharing their love".

"People have called him an old soul and I believe it because he has taught us so much about life and about people", said Guay. In addition to receiving cards, Jacob also received a visit from the University of ME men's hockey team on Thursday night, and an emperor penguin chick has been adopted on behalf of Jacob through the World Wildlife Fund. "The idea came about - 'Why dont we bring the holidays to us?' This way, we know it's going to happen and give our family time with him for Chrismas".


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