Tuesday, 24 October, 2017

Bay Area teams pledge $450000 for fire relief efforts

Animated map of air quality Air quality Source
Sammy Stanley | 13 October, 2017, 00:44

Children, the elderly and people with respiratory conditions are the most susceptible to the pollution and should take extra precautions, air district officials said.

"Even if we were to close schools, we have a population of students who still need support", Walton said. The festival was expected to include a one mile race and a half marathon through the city streets, but concerns about "the health and safety of our athletes and volunteers" as well as a desire not to use "valuable Bay Area first responders and resources that can be better utilized elsewhere" caused its cancellation. In accordance with San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District recommendations - if you can see or smell smoke, the air quality is poor and outdoor activity should be limited.

"Air quality has improved throughout the Bay Area, which is wonderful". But no schools were closed, said Marcus Walton, communications director for the district.

San Francisco officials said that hospitals have already started receiving patients for respiratory issues that are likely related to the smoke from the wildfires, San Francisco Chronicle reported. Glidden said Wednesday the ventilation was finally turned off at the school.

"It's an unprecedented level of smoke", said Lisa Fasano of the Bay Area Quality Management District.

This post is based on a story by KQED, which is being periodically updated with the most recent air quality numbers.

The air quality in Davis, Rio Vista, Vacaville and Woodland was forecasted to be unhealthy on Wednesday. "If we don't get winds it just kind of sits here".

"Outside of the active fire areas, air quality will be variable and unpredictable".

To reduce exposure to these fine particles, California's Air Resources Board advises residents to try to stay indoors and consider purchasing an air filter for your home.

Fresno Unified has made a decision to cancel all outdoor activities, including sports practices, for elementary, middle and high school students. "Not to mince words: It's going to be really bad".


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