Tuesday, 24 October, 2017

Snapchat news update as popular messaging app gets new Context Cards feature

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Cecilia Poole | 11 October, 2017, 00:22

Swipe up on these Snaps and you'll see a feed of details related to that location, including business hours, contact information, ratings and reviews, and links to table-booking and ride hailing services.

If a Snap says "more" that means there is more information available and to find out more swipe up on the Snap.

Context Cards pull data from a number of partners including TripAdvisor, Foursquare, Michelin, and goop. Context Cards also provide a way to take simple actions like calling for a ride with Uber or Lyft or reserving a table through OpenTable, Resy or Bookatable.

The aptly-named context cards serve as an information overlay that varies depending on the content of a Snapchat post.

Context Cards were produced with the help of Vurb, a mobile search company acquired by the Veince-based Snap Inc.in 2016 for over $100 million, the company said. (The financial arrangements of these partnerships have not been disclosed.) You can also use Context Cards to check out more public snaps from the same area.

Not all of the services and information will display at once for every location, but Snap says the idea is to create a personalized feed that's relevant to what each user might need at the time.

Lots of people share their location with Snapchat when they take pictures or videos. Context Cards won't be limited to single Snaps either, as Snapchat is integrating them into Stories as well. Snapchat, which boasts a young-skewing audience, averaged 173 million daily users worldwide in the second quarter.

See something on Snapchat you want to know more about?

These Stories are made up of Snaps submitted by members of the Snapchat community to the firm's "our story" collections while near these location, as well as imagery from partner organisations.


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