Friday, 15 December, 2017

Samsung Odyssey Windows Headset Price Revealed On Microsoft's Website

Headsets that let you step into a 3-D version of Windows 10 are now available to preorder Halo VR Experience, 'Halo: Recruit,' Hits This Month
Cecilia Poole | 05 October, 2017, 00:34

All of the aforementioned Windows Mixed Reality-compatible headsets are available for pre-order and the links are given below. The Master Chief has made defeating these beasts look so easy over the years that standing before them in VR gives entirely new meaning to their deadliness, and I didn't even get to see the Covenant's largest foot soldier, the massive Hunter. "Oh, and its weapons and maybe a warthog".

The company said that there are 20,000 Windows apps available in the Windows app store that you can use in VR or AR.

Microsoft announced the Samsung HMD Odyssey Mixed Reality headset at an event in San Francisco today. The listing mentions AKG-tuned integrated headphones as well. "It promises to shape our lives in profound ways in the years to come with its potential for new and more immersive means to learn, collaborate, work and play". "Halo Recruit" was developed in partnership with our good friends, Endeavor One. However, some companies are looking beyond passive entertainment and experimenting with VR as a social platform. While this is their first combined creation, the blog post from 343 Industries ends with a hint that more may be coming in the future. Yes, it's hard to envision now for most people, but Microsoft's operating system was so beloved that it drew the kind of devotion we now see with Google's Android platform and Apple's iOS software.

The Windows Mixed Reality experience with the Samsung HMD Odyssey has been created to give users the very best experience right out of the box. The studio has been inspired as a result. Until then, we invite you to genuinely step into the world of Halo with us with "Halo Recruit". If we were to take a stab at an explanation, we'll say that an MR experience is about bringing virtual objects into the real world, giving these virtual objects a sense of presence.

While Halo fans may be craving the next main installment in beloved FPS series, there's actually something pretty interesting that will be releasing for the series very soon.


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