Tuesday, 24 October, 2017

Breathing easy: 40yo toy removed from lung op 'cancer' patient

Doctors suspected lung cancer. But it was actually a toy he'd swallowed 40 years ago Man Learns Suspected Lung Tumour Is Playmobil Traffic Cone He Inhaled 40 Years Earlier
Sammy Stanley | 29 September, 2017, 00:21

However, a bronchoscopy found that it was in fact the Playmobil cone which he revealed he had swallowed at the age of 7. The doctor noticed extensive shadowing and a thickening lump in the lower right lung.

What was thought to be a tumor actually turned out to be a tiny plastic cone.

This toy cone from a child's play set was removed from a man's airways; pictured with a 2.5mL syringe to illustrate size.

Doctors believe that because the patient was so young, his lung may have been able to remold itself and adapt to the presence of the foreign body, according to the BBC.

Another reason that the cone may have gone unnoticed over time is that it was made of harmless plastic, Munavvar said. He also admitted that he was eating his toys, and apparently, the toy cone entered his windpipe without him noticing it.

For more than a year, he had a nagging cough.

Doctors said, his symptoms lessened nearly immediately after the operation, which took place in 2015 when Paul was 47.

Undoubtedly, safety standards and parenting approaches were considerably laxer 40 years ago, but Denny says there really isn't anything new to be learned from this case.

A report by the British Medical Journal on the medical case said: "The man's cough had nearly gone and his symptoms had improved markedly" four months after the traffic cone was removed with a flexible bronchoscope.

Children who breathe a foreign object into their nose can experience choking or breathing problems. Even if the little ones stop coughing, they should be watched just in case symptoms of infection or irritation may appear.

Common symptoms that mimic TFB in children include irritation of the airway, asthma, pneumonia and excess production of mucous.

Doctors noted that a case of a child swallowing something taking this long to show symptoms is "unheard of". If an adult has a chronic cough but does not recall choking, the symptom is most likely related to something else, said Munavvar.


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