Wednesday, 13 December, 2017

Small quake rattles nerves, causes no damage in Los Angeles

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Spencer Simpson | 20 September, 2017, 00:34

People remove debris of a damaged building after a real quake rattled Mexico City on September 19, 2017 while an natural disaster drill was being held in the capital.

State of Mexico Governor Alfredo Del Mazo said the death toll in his state had risen to at least 5 people, from initial reports of two deaths.

Mexico's seismological agency calculated its preliminary magnitude at 6.8 and said its centre was east of the city in the state of Puebla.

In Mexico City, residents immediately came out of the buildings due to the intensity of the natural disaster.

A 3.6 magnitude natural disaster was recorded near Los Angeles overnight, according to the U.S. States Geological Survey.

TV images showed a multi-storey building in the capital with a middle floor collapsed as sirens blared from first responders rushing to the scene.

The quake caused buildings to sway sickeningly in Mexico City and sent panicked office workers streaming into the streets, but the full extent of the damage was not yet clear.

While no injuries or damage has been reported yet, celebrities were vocal about the shaking on Twitter. She said she saw glass bursting out of the windows of some buildings.

The 1985 Mexico City natural disaster struck in the early morning of 19 September with a moment magnitude of 8.0 and a Mercalli intensity of IX (Violent).

In Chesterfield, Misty wrote "Pictures on my wall shook". Then airport in Mexico City announced a shutdown shortly after.


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