Tuesday, 21 November, 2017

CNN Commentator Clay Travis: '1st Amendment and Boobs' Never Let Me Down

CNN boobs ESPN Critic Clay Travis: 'I Believe in Only Two Things Completely: The First Amendment and Boobs'
Edmund Wade | 16 September, 2017, 00:55

CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin was shocked when Fox Sports journalist Clay Travis said he only believed in two things: boobs and the First Amendment.

Baldwin looked stunned and eventually cut Travis off.

Travis' comments were widely condemned while special praise was reserved for Baldwin, who didn't let Travis get away with the "joke". But the segment was quickly sidetracked when Travis first noted his "belief" in "boobs" and the First Amendment.

During a discussion between the two and sportswriter Keith Reed about the Jemele Hill situation at ESPN, Travis proudly proclaimed "I believe in the First Amendment and boobs".

"Boobs", Travis confirmed. He had come on television to make a point, and he repeated it about four times before the interview ended.

A sports radio personality was yanked off air after repeating a credo about the First Amendment and female anatomy.

CNN host Brooke Baldwin questioned Travis on what the final word was thinking he meant "booze" or something else, and repeatedly asked for a clarification before ending the segment early and apologizing for Travis' comments.

"I say it live on the radio all the time because it's true and that's what I do", Travis answered.

Otherwise, neither the First Amendment nor boobs are relevant here.

I don't believe Jemele Hill should be fired for Tweeting Donald Trump was a white supremacist and for recently saying police officers are modern day slave catchers.

He giggles a little at his own joke and tries to keep talking, but Baldwin and Reed's facial expressions show he's not getting away with that ridiculous phrase.

"I just want to make sure I'm hearing you correctly", she said again: "B-O-O-Z-E or B-O-O-B-S?" He voices his support for Hill and Baldwin as women in their careers. He also said he's been invited back on CNN. He also said that since ESPN fired Curt Schilling for a Facebook post supporting North Carolina's transgender bathroom ban, they also have to fire Hill for her social media behavior.


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