Wednesday, 22 November, 2017

Nissan Leaf arrives with 150-mile range and priced at $29990

2018 Nissan Leaf Leaves Fans Sweating Over E-Pedal New 2018 Nissan Leaf EV Arrives Tonight
Garry Little | 07 September, 2017, 01:43

Nissan has turned over a new leaf with its pioneering electric vehicle with a new design, new powertrain and tons of new technology.

While a "hands-on" system, it previews Nissan's ongoing development of future leading edge autonomous drive technologies. Nissan sold a whopping 2.83 lakh units of the first-generation Leaf EV that went on sale internationally in 2010 which easily makes it the most popular EV sold globally.

The new Leaf goes on sale in Japan on October 10, but US drivers will have to wait until "early 2018" to get their hands on it, Nissan says.

The vehicle has also added a "revolutionary" feature called the e-Pedal, allowing the driver to accelerate, decelerate and stop with a single pedal.

The new Leaf also offers intelligent driving technologies in the North American marketplace.

The system can handle parallel parking, according to the firm, and can deal with up to seven-point turns. Nissan says the system, which encourages one-pedal driving, is a world first. Pricing for the 2018 Nissan Leaf will start at $29,990. If you want a more powerful Nissan Leaf with a longer driving range, Nissan has confirmed that another more expensive version of the Leaf is coming for 2019. The introduction of the new Leaf is likely to further intensify competition in the EV market. The model will be introduced next year, Nissan said in the statement. As a result, the new Leaf has been amped up to tackle the Chevy Bolt and the Tesla Model 3.

USA automaker Tesla is one of the pioneers in the electric vehicle industry and despite recently releasing its cheapest model to date, it has traditionally catered to the premium end of the market. "It also has the core strengths that will be embodied by future Nissan models".

"The Leaf is not going to challenge Tesla", Next Green Car's Mr Lilly said. Pricing for the 2018 Leaf in the US will start at $29,990. In the meantime, you can save $30,000 for the initial premium of the vehicle, plus roughly $7,000 in federal tax that you'll need to pay if you want it next year. The company is characterizing it as an approximate 40 percent improvement from up to 280 kilometers or 107 miles for Leaf models on sale now.

Despite of heavy investment in electric vehicles still represent only a fraction of conventional vehicle sales. When we had asked the former head of Nissan in India about his thoughts on the leaf for India he said, "We will use Nissan Leaf to understand the market but I don't think it's the ultimate solution for India".

One big opportunity is China.

Nissan is expecting to pin down the king of the electric automobile market which is Tesla, specifically the Model 3 that they just released which is directed to the lower end market. The vehicle is created to make judicious use of its onboard electric battery.


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