Tuesday, 24 October, 2017

PS4 System Software Update 5.0 details leak

PlayStation 4 firmware update 5.0 will add 1080p60 Twitch streaming PS4 Update 5.0 Reportedly Includes Improved Account Following, 1080p/60fps Twitch Streaming on PS4 Pro
Cecilia Poole | 10 August, 2017, 00:04

However, a number of these changes are still going to be exclusive; for instance, the 1080p resolution 60 frames per second Twitch streaming will only be available to those that own an up-to-date Playstation 4 Pro, so if you own a regular Playstation 4, your streaming will be at a lower quality. While neither of those features have yet to be confirmed and detailed by Sony Interactive Entertainment, a recent leak of the patch notes for update 5.0 point toward a lot of other changes coming to the hardware.

Where you were given the ability to follow certain certified users in a previous update (I forget which one), you will now be able to follow literally anybody you like, which is a move created to help the spread of user generated content and clips across the network, as a boon for developers looking to boost the profile of their game.

The headline feature for streamers is that you can now stream at 1080p60 to Twitch if you have a PlayStation 4 Pro, which simply latches onto what's already possible via Remote Play and Share Play. This part of the update though will limited to PS4 Pro owners. So if you have a bigger family with kids at different ages, a parent will be able to set up individual restrictions, and spending limits per child. Additionally, requests can be sent by other PS4 users to join the same family.

The final major change that Eurogamer mentioned is that you'll be able to view system notifications and the status of downloads/uploads from the Quick Menu.

In a small but welcome change, notifications and upload/download statuses can be seen from the Quick Menu that's accessed by holding the PlayStation button.

Language support for Czech, Thai, Greek, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Romanian and Hungarian.

As of yet, we don't know when firmware update 5.0 will arrive.

Behind-the-scenes support for bundle and compilation discs, with or without add-ons, and discs which support games and add-ons (such as a "Game of the Year Edition"), which do not require developers rework any code.


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