Wednesday, 22 November, 2017

Sea bug attack leaves Australian teen bloodied

Still bleeding Sam Kanizay's wounds were still seeping blood on Sunday afternoon while doctors tried to work out what Melbourne teen devoured by mystery sea creatures after going for a quick dip after footie
Sammy Stanley | 08 August, 2017, 00:27

An Australian teenager who dipped his legs in the water at a Melbourne beach Saturday night found blood pouring from his feet and ankles due to multiple bites from mysterious sea critters.

Yet, when Sam Kanizay, 16, made a decision to paddle in the sea near his home in Melbourne his legs became covered in blood and both he - and hospital staff - struggled to stem the bleeding.

Jarrod Kanizay took to the waters off the Dendy Street beach with a pool net last night, hoping to figure out what underwater monstrosity nibbled on his son Sam's legs.

He went to the water as his feet felt sore following the game.

After about half an hour of wading through the water, Kanizay walked out with what his family described as tiny creatures feeding off his legs, nearly like a scene straight out of a horror film.

A teenager came out of the sea after going for a paddle off a beach in Victoria with his legs covered in blood after they were feasted upon by a shoal of "sea lice".

Still, the presence of these crustaceans in the water doesn't prove they are the ones that attacked Kanizay's ankles.

"If we can prevent it for anyone else, that's the aim of us talking to people", Sam's mother, Jane Kanizay said.

"What is really clear is these little things really love meat", Jarrod said.

The footage shows the intensity at which the creatures devoured the flesh - mirroring the appetite they demonstrated with 16-year-old Sam.

Unable to stop the bleeding, Kanizay was taken to the nearby emergency department of Sandringham Hospital before being taken to Dandenong Hospital where his legs continued to seep blood on Sunday afternoon, baffling doctors.

They said that a piranha-style attack like this is highly unlikely to happen again any time soon. "Some people thought that it was sea lice, but nobody really knew anything".

The bites are believed to have come from sea fleas, scavenging amphipod crustaceans between half a centimeter to 1 centimeter in length, according to marine scientist Dr. Genefor Walker-Smith, the Age reported.

Sam remained in the hospital Monday recovering from the wounding.

Stevens said he was already aware of similar situations - meaning he'll think twice before jumping in next time.

He said his group saw a shark about once or twice a year - "sometimes they swim right under us, they're not big".

They were initially suggested to be sea lice but experts said it is unlikely they could cause such serious injuries.


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