Tuesday, 21 November, 2017

PUBG First Person Only Servers Announced for Monthly Update

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Getting First Person Servers This is how PlayerUnknowns's Battlegrounds next update gets a lot more hardcore
Cecilia Poole | 15 July, 2017, 00:27

"Dedicated first-person servers will take some time as it requires a lot of work from all teams, [it's] not as easy as just flipping a switch", said Brendan "Playerunknown" Greene on the official PUBG Discord.

There's a good reason for dubbing this "hardcore mode". The third-person view allows players to have a better look of their surroundings and check around corners for possible danger, while the first-person view is often used for engaging against enemies for better accuracy. Furthermore, Bluehole has been experimenting with a first-person mode, which will also be coming in its next monthly update.

Players who do not want the challenge, however, can simply choose not to join the first-person only servers, as they will be entirely optional. 1st person servers will be rolling out to EU/NA in Solo and Duo match formats first, with the developers saying that once it is polished a little more the dedicated mode will expand to other regions. Developer Bluehole will use the feedback they receive from NA and European Union players to polish the game mode before rolling it out to squad play and other regional servers.

Lead community manager Sammie Kang, also known - apparently willingly - as "poopieQueen", confirms that the first-person mode will have an FOV slider.


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