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Dallas Cowboys: What if Ezekiel Elliott is suspended two games?

Dallas Cowboys Rumors Ezekiel Elliott Suspension Could Have Cowboys Looking For Backfield Help Football 1
Spencer Simpson | 15 Июля, 2017, 00:23

According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, there is a "growing sense" that Ezekiel Elliott will face a "short suspension" for his involvement in a 2016 domestic violence incident. He's dealt with domestic violence accusations and with rumors about "partying" behavior. If Dak can prove he can still win games without Elliott in the backfield, it should go a long way to legitimizing his place among the best quarterbacks in the NFL.

Schefter reported on Friday that Elliott has recently been updated on the status of the investigation and that he was expected to formally respond at some point in the coming weeks.

It is one of the many reasons that the Ohio State product Elliott now is gearing up for a short suspension, even if the National Football League insists no resolutions have been made, multiple sources said.

Despite Elliott releasing text messages that show the former girlfriend was motivated by revenge or money and the charges against Elliott were dropped due to "conflicting and inconsistent information", - Schefter added that the NFL's inquest isn't completed but that it is nearing the latter stages. If so, then there's a sliver of hope that last year's league-leading rusher might have to sit out. The police did a very thorough investigation. "Who knows, man? I'm just ready for it to end". The NFL system allows for subjective and even arbitrary penalties to be handed down from Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Even if the rumors do pan out, the Dallas Cowboys will have a almost impossible time trying to make up for what they lose with Ezekiel Elliott off the field. Of course, the fact that Elliott wasn't charged with anything does complicate matters.


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