Wednesday, 13 December, 2017

Ted Cruz says Senate health care bill's passage 'precarious'

Sen. Ted Cruz talks with Dan Caldwell with Concerned Veterans for America at Sheraton Houston Brook Hollow on Saturday Cruz plan could be key to unlocking healthcare votes
Cecilia Poole | 09 July, 2017, 00:41

John Erler protests outside the Austin site where U.S. Sen.

Back in Texas with the Senate out of session, Cruz was also appearing at an Austin town hall later Thursday. Some conservatives, including Cruz, have backed repealing ObamaCare now, with a delayed "off ramp" and replacing it separately. Ted Cruz, the Wall Street Journal reports.

"If we can not bring the conference together and agree on repeal legislation, then I think President Trump's absolutely right that we should pass a clean repeal", Cruz told reporters.

Lee is making this the price of his support for the Senate plan. Cruz listened, but followed with a lengthy answer explaining why he thinks it should be fully repealed.

Though FreedomWorks won't throw its support behind a bill that doesn't fully repeal ObamaCare, the Cruz amendment would make the bill better, said Jason Pye, the group's vice president of legislative affairs.

The idea is the latest attempt to bring conservative and centrist GOP members of the Senate together in order to fulfill President Trump's promise to replace Obamacare.

"We've got to keep our word".

The New York Democrat went on to say, "In addition, Americans with pre-existing conditions will nearly certainly be left without access to affordable and quality health care, making this even worse than the House bill on this issue". "As we've said time and time again, Democrats are eager to work with Republicans to stabilize the markets and improve the law". Cruz said veterans should have more flexibility in getting care from the private sector instead of having to rely on the traditional VA hospitals and clinics. "While we have serious concerns with the initial draft of the Senate health care bill, we believe the amendment proposed by Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee offers the possibility of removing several of the most restrictive regulations in Obamacare that rob people of health care choices and drive insurance costs higher and higher".

"This law isn't working", Cruz said. "People are hurting under it".

But in the muggy heat outside the Austin event, protesters countered that Americans can come together to defend the law Cruz calls "Obamacare".

The former presidential hopeful was in a hotel conference room in the liberal bastion of Austin for a town hall organized by Concerned Veterans for America, a group funded by the conservative billionaire Koch brothers.

For many conservatives, lowering insurance premiums is key.

The Senator and the CVA team head to Houston for the weekend, and Saturday's town hall. She says the proposal would leave many people with minimum coverage.

Moderate Republicans might balk if the plan as rising costs for people with preexisting conditions, however especially if the CBO comes back with an ugly score.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell signaled Thursday that Congress will have to patch up Obamacare's ailing markets if Republicans can not smooth over their differences and pass a replacement plan.

Aides siding with the Texas Republican say he made it clear to leaders from the start that the Senate bill should give people the freedom to buy cheaper health plans that are exempt from federal regulation.


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