Monday, 20 November, 2017

Rock Legend Chuck Berry Dead at 90

Chuck Berry performs during the tribute concert in his honour celebrating him as the 17th American Music Master Saturday Oct.27 2012 at the State Theater in Cleveland Rock and roll legend Chuck Berry dead at 90
Edmund Wade | 20 March, 2017, 00:30

Those and other infectious classics, including "Brown Eyed Handsome Man", "Sweet Little Sixteen", "Back in the USA" and "Maybellene", made him a household name in the 1950s music scene.

Although the cause of death remains unknown, Charles Jr. Even in recent years, with Berry well past retirement age, the fire in his performance still burned bright, clearly showing why his combination of blues, country, R&B and a positive, rebellious attitude was so irresistible both to fans and fellow musicians. If rock "n" roll is the devil's music, the original devil has left us. His smash hit song "Johnny B. Goode" was sent, on golden record, into space on the Voyager I spacecraft in 1977, where it remains. "He was a true pioneer of rock'n'roll & a massive influence", the band wrote in a tweet.

His death was confirmed by police in Missouri.

On Saturday, the music world reeled upon the loss of Chuck Berry, the ingenious writer and guitar hero whose work laid the foundation of rock "n" roll.

So why, if rock was already on the charts, is Chuck Berry most commonly cited as the single most important figure in rock music's creation?

Despite his troubles with the law and the conditions of the times, Berry rose to the top of his profession.

When producing BTO, I'd listen to "A Dozen Berries", "Revolver + Rubber Soul" endlessly to get ideas for grooves, tempos, song format, and other tricks to make guitar-bass-drums sound interesting and build excitement in my songs.

- Ringo Starr: "R I P. And peace and love Chuck Berry Mr. rock "n" roll music".

But Berry, however, crafted material where the riff was king.

The rock legend had announced in October, on his 90th birthday that he was releasing a new album.

In a statement, Berry dedicated the album to his wife of 68 years, Themetta Berry, whom he refers to by her nickname, "Toddy".

Just let me hear some of that rock "n" roll music any old way you use it I am playing I'm talking about you.

He wrote he was playing Berry's 1961 song I'm Talking About You, which was recorded by The Beatles at the BBC in 1963. "Now I can hang up my shoes!" he said.

In Clinton's final year in the Oval Office in 2000, the president honored Berry as one of the Kennedy Center honorees.


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