Saturday, 18 November, 2017

Sturgeon holds firm after May's 'not now' to Scottish referendum

Sturgeon holds firm after May's 'not now' to Scottish referendum Sturgeon holds firm after May's 'not now' to Scottish referendum
Howard Terry | 18 March, 2017, 01:08

Angus Robertson, the deputy leader of the SNP, has opening the party's spring conference by promising delegates that Scotland will have a referendum on independence.

She was pressed on whether that would apply if a referendum was consultative, not legally binding, and added: "I t's a slightly different constitutional situation, but the basic principle holds".

He said that if the PM "refuses" talks over the terms of a second independence referendum before the Brexit deal is complete, "she is effectively trying to block the people of Scotland having a choice over their future".

Salmond, who resigned as Scottish leader after losing a 2014 independence referendum, said he was open to changing his view that the best option after independence was a currency union between Scotland and the remainder of the United Kingdom, the FT said on Friday.

For the SNP this argument about who has the right to decide when or if Scotland can have another referendum is an example of why Scotland should leave the UK.

Asked on BBC Radio 4's Today programme if, as a result of the Prime Minister's refusal, an unofficial vote was a plan, Mr Swinney said: "If Theresa May takes that stance she will be standing in the face of Scottish democracy and that is a very, very unstable and risky position for the Prime Minister to be in".

"Therefore we will not be entering into discussions or negotiations about a Section 30 agreement and any request at this time will be declined". Sturgeon could only trigger a snap election by resigning as first minister if she wanted to win an even larger or clearer mandate to demand a referendum.

Sturgeon hit back, accusing May's government of being frightened of listening to the Scots.

"Scotland's referendum is going to happen and no UK Prime Minister should dare to stand in the way of Scotland's democracy", he told the gathering at the AECC.

"The next step I am going to take is to get the view and the vote of the Scottish Parliament next week because it is the body that can give me the authority to formally pursue a section 30 order".

Theresa May has not said she will block a second independence referendum, but insists a vote should not be held while the UK's exit negotiations from the European Union are ongoing. She was still keen to "work our way through" her disagreements with May, she said, arguing that they both agreed the referendum should not be held now.

Earlier this week SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon set out her intention to push for another referendum and she is likely to ask the Scottish parliament to vote on it next week.

Speaking on RT UK, Galloway shrugged off the idea that those who voted to stay in the European Union will automatically swing the vote for independence.


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