Sunday, 22 October, 2017

Samsung to begin production of foldable smartphone in Q3 2017

Samsung A5 Samsung plotting 'ultra-premium' foldable smartphone for 2018?
Garry Little | 16 March, 2017, 00:10

Assuming the report is accurate and Samsung sticks to this schedule, we might see the device unveiled at IFA 2017 later this year. Reports on when this particular device will reach the masses are still unclear but according to the latest info we received, Samsung is expected to start the prototype production phase of its foldable smartphone very soon.

Commentators point out that Samsung seemed to be following the same strategy it used with Edge displays. Buzz is that it really focused on protecting security of information so that information regarding its next new product not getting leaked as it even did not introduce its foldable Smartphone to its partners that had participated in development of this product.

Samsung is reportedly working on a smartphone that will be a step above regular flagship handsets, a device that'll deliver "luxurious design and high-quality" beyond anything Samsung has done so far, including the unreleased Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8.

It is heard that Samsung Electronics is working on making appearance of its foldable Smartphone more luxurious and elegant as it is an ultra premium Smartphone. Close on the heels of this comes news that premium foldable smartphones from the company is in the final stages of development.

Speaking to ETNews, an unnamed industry analyst is quoted as saying: "Although Samsung needs to implement qualities that correspond to its brand image, it is paying careful attention to Chinese companies as it looks not to lose "world's first foldable Smartphone" title to Chinese companies".

Each panel manufacturer is planning to supply prototypes of panels for foldable Smartphones from its flexible OLED mass-production line.

The company has already demoed foldable display technologies which includes curved, bent, foldable and rollable variants, but the company has yet to showcase a working example of a true foldable smartphone for the mass market. With that being said, the prototypes will instead be produced in the third quarter, which will then be distributed to testers and partners for get feedback about the said device. It's unclear at this time what the first foldable smartphone from Samsung will have to offer other than the foldable OLED display itself.


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