Friday, 17 November, 2017

Alonso not happy with misfiring engine

Big decisions have to be made at the top – Alonso F1 Australian GP Big decisions have to be made at the top – Alonso
Cecilia Poole | 11 March, 2017, 00:34

"The second priority is to be competitive, to eventually be in the battle for the top five, get to the podium and win races - everything we dreamed off for this year".

"I'll prepare very hard with the team over the next week, spend some more time in the simulator and go through the data we have brought back from the test, and hopefully we can go to Melbourne with some upgrades and some positive signs". If one day I am in the auto and I see other drivers in the corners do fantastic lines, they brake later than me, they accelerate earlier than me and do better starts than me, on that day I will stop and say "it's time".

"This is not the Australia-spec engine but it's an evolution from what we had last week. I feel I am the best driver out there, I just need an engine that can run as quick as the others on the straight". In 2015, probably we were even behind what we have done now.

"The chassis-side is hard because we are not pushing the speed that the others are doing because of the lack of power". He is satisfied with the way he attacks the corners and he enjoys driving the vehicle, however, the engine is a big problem and they are 30km/h down on every straight because of it. I think the auto is good.

The two-time Formula 1 champion did say he was enjoying the faster cars after the 2017 modifications but added: "I think we are 30 km/h down on every straight. We are McLaren, one of the best teams that has already solved tough situations in the past", he said.

Alonso previously said he would base a decision on his future on how the new generation of cars feel to drive, and not necessarily the competitiveness of his auto. "I have prepared better than ever". I don't know at which point. And looking at their auto, would you like to have moved there?

Bottas had a contract too.

Would you prefer to be running with an evolution of last year's engine or are you happy to invest time and lose laps on a completely new engine like this one? "Everything feels good, but when you arrive to normal speed you don't know what is going to happen.".

"It's always important to do long runs because there's many things you discover by completing a lot of consecutive laps". This is a different sport, true, but the results also matter.

You can do that in 12 runs of ten laps each, completing 120 laps, or in 12 runs of three laps, meaning you only get 36 laps in. you have exactly the same information both ways, so with the problems we have now, we've opted to go for short runs, because we get very useful information at the end of the day, helping us to improve the auto all the time.


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