Sunday, 19 November, 2017

Carrier competition: Sprint launches unlimited deal in response to Verizon, AT&T

Sprint tweaks its unlimited plan following Verizon and T-Mobile changes Sprint Unlimited Plan Improved
Juana Turner | 17 February, 2017, 00:27

The latest company to unveil a brand new unlimited deal is Sprint, who on Thursday announced a plan that promises to be 50 percent of the cost of Verizon and AT&T unlimited rates.

Effective Friday, T-Mobile's $70-including-taxes-and-fees unlimited plan-the only one sold to new subscribers-will also include 10 GB of LTE hotspot sharing. It's unclear how exactly this will affect those customers, but we'll be sure to provide an update as soon as details are made available.

AT&T is including unlimited calls from the Canada and Mexico and unlimited texts to more than 120 countries around the world. On Sunday Verizon announced it would be bringing back its unlimited plans, charging $80 for one line or $180 for four lines.

AT&T says that starting tomorrow, February 17, its Unlimited Plan will be available to all customers.

After 22gb of data usage, AT&T says it may slow speeds during high periods of network congestion.

Even with the caveats, Sprint's new Unlimited Freedom plan is a helluva lot better than its old one, and it's even better if you're a new customer. In contrast to some of the competition tethering will not be included.

Sprint's average download speed is 6.56Mbps compared to 12.26Mbps on T-Mobile and 11.98Mbps on Verizon. Verizon kicked off this recent round of plan changes with its unlimited plan last week.

On paper, Sprint's revamped Unlimited Freedom plan definitely is a good deal, but look more closely and you'll see some fine print that might make it a deal breaker. Lines three through five will be free until March 31, 2018. AT&T is in the process of rolling out its stupid Stream Saver video throttling service as well, but that will be optional. So, if you have four lines on your plan, your bill will go from $90 a month to $160.


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